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By Kimmy Gustafson Calendar Icon July 19, 2023

The Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Nursing & Healthcare

Technology integration is vital in improving patient outcomes as the healthcare industry evolves. Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming integrated into the healthcare industry today. Applications vary from facilitating administrative tasks to improving patient care by offering accurate, predictive analytics. AI has provided new opportunities to enhance patient care and health outcomes in nursing.

By Sophia Khawly, MSN Calendar Icon July 10, 2023

Being a Good Nurse Preceptor – What to Know

A preceptor is an experienced licensed nurse who supervises and teaches nursing students during their clinical rotations or new graduate nurses during orientation. These preceptors have several years of experience and are active employees in the healthcare setting and not direct employees of the school or university.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon June 23, 2023

Guide to NP Specialty Fellowships

Nurse practitioner (NP) fellowships are postgraduate programs that help NPs gain proficiency in a particular specialty. There’s a gap between the electives taken in one’s MSN or DNP program and the skills needed to work in a subspecialty area; fellowships fill it.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon June 15, 2023

NP Advocates to Know: Dr. Jessica Peck on Human Trafficking

For many NPs, advocacy concerns a particular issue close to their heart, one connected to underserved patients who deserve additional support. For Dr. Jessica Peck, the issue is the fight against human trafficking.

By Rachel Drummond Calendar Icon June 7, 2023

Student Loan Repayment for Nurses and APRNs: What to Know

While three out of every four RNs are burdened with educational debt, the good news is there are loan forgiveness and repayment programs to help RNs and APRNs get out of debt and into financial freedom. Read on for a guide to student loan repayment and forgiveness options for RNs and APRNs.

By Kimmy Gustafson Calendar Icon June 2, 2023

Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Disparities in American Healthcare

The healthcare industry increasingly recognizes the need for diversity, inclusion, and health equity. Physicians face a unique challenge when addressing health disparities among diverse patient populations. To better understand how to create an inclusive environment in healthcare settings, examining the current state of diversity, inclusion, and health disparities is necessary.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon May 8, 2023

NP Advocates to Know: Dr. Michael Zychowicz on Veterans’ Care

There are over 19 million veterans in the United States. Their health needs are largely met by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which houses the largest integrated healthcare system in the country. Today’s nurses and nurse practitioners (NPs) are important in caring for our nation’s veterans. But more can be done to serve those who have served.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon April 19, 2023

Complementary and Integrative Health (CIH) – What Nurses Should Know

More than 30 percent of adults and 12 percent of children use alternative or complementary treatments. Such treatments generally fall into three categories: nutritional, psychological, or physical interventions.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon April 11, 2023

Guide to Remote Nurse Practitioner Jobs

The maturation of telehealth services has opened up an entirely new sector of remote nurse practitioner jobs. Today, NPs can perform basic patient assessments, devise treatment strategies, and order diagnostics for patients via remote video conferencing software. But telehealth positions aren’t the only nurse practitioner jobs that offer a remote work setup.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon April 3, 2023

Job Interview Questions for Nurse Practitioners (NPs)

Nurse practitioners still participate in traditional recruitment and hiring processes despite the high demand for their services. Job interviews remain the de facto standard for health systems, hospitals, private practices, and clinics seeking to retain the services of an NP.