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By Sabrina Tillman Calendar Icon September 22, 2023

Mastering Nursing School Exams: A Guide for First-Year Nursing Students

Students will benefit from embracing their nursing school journey with passion, perseverance, and purpose. Challenges will arise, but these are stepping stones, not stumbling blocks. Nursing students are not merely studying to become a nurse; they’re growing into compassionate, skilled, and resilient healthcare professionals.

By Sabrina Tillman Calendar Icon September 21, 2023

Achieving a Work-Life Balance in Nursing

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, nurses often find themselves at the epicenter of relentless demands. Extended shifts, emotionally charged situations, and the ever-present call of duty can make achieving a nurse work-life balance seem elusive.

By Sabrina Tillman Calendar Icon September 20, 2023

Understanding the Many Faces of Nursing: A Guide to Various Roles

In today’s complex and ever-evolving healthcare sector, the role of the specialized nurse has become more critical than ever. With an aging population, a growing focus on mental health, the rise of chronic diseases, and the ongoing demands of public health, specialized nursing roles, such as the advanced practice psychiatric nurse, have taken center stage.

By Sharlys Leszczuk Calendar Icon September 18, 2023

A Practical Guide to NCLEX-RN: Practice Questions, Tips, and Resources for Nurses

The world of nursing is rewarding and demanding. Before entering this honorable profession, a critical test bridges the gap between academic learning and professional practice: the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, or the NCLEX-RN.

By Sharlys Leszczuk Calendar Icon September 15, 2023

A Guide to Side Hustles for Nurses and Work-from-Home Nursing Jobs

In today’s evolving job market, nurses are among the professionals who can take advantage of remote side hustles or full-time remote careers. While both are alluring, understanding their nuances is essential for finding the best fit.

By Jennifer Latchford Calendar Icon September 14, 2023

The Hidden Price of Nursing: The Real Cost of Scrubs

The cost of scrubs can vary widely, with premium brands commanding higher prices for fashion-forward designs and quality materials. While these stylish renditions serve as a form of expression and morale booster in challenging times, they also have inadvertently helped lead to a further increase in prices.

By Rachel Drummond Calendar Icon September 11, 2023

Nurse Executive Professional Certification Guide

A nurse executive is a highly experienced nursing professional with leadership roles within a healthcare organization. They are responsible for strategic planning, policy-making, and overall management of nursing staff in their organization. Their duties often include developing and implementing nursing standards and policies, overseeing patient care services, managing budgets, and driving quality improvement initiatives.

By Rachel Drummond Calendar Icon August 25, 2023

Nurse Educator Professional Certification Guide

Nurse educators are highly skilled licensed RNs who train nursing students and provide ongoing education for professional nurses. They can be found in various settings, such as universities, community colleges, trade schools, and hospitals. A nurse educator is an informal term for RNs who oversee training programs, teach nursing in both clinical and classroom settings, and offer guidance to students at all levels of the nursing field.

By Sophia Khawly, MSN Calendar Icon August 7, 2023

Are LPNs/LVNs Still Needed?

Due to the aging Baby Boomer population, the need for LPNs is greater today than ever. LPNs are more affordable for medical facilities and are an important aspect of the interdisciplinary team.

By Kimmy Gustafson Calendar Icon August 3, 2023

Stereotypes in Nursing: What to Know

As part of progress towards a more inclusive and just society, it is essential to recognize and challenge the stereotypes within nursing. These misconceptions have led to a lack of diversity in the nursing workforce and have prevented individuals from pursuing or excelling in their nursing careers. Nurses and the broader healthcare community must prioritize confronting these stereotypes and dismantling them with education, advocacy, and visibility of the diverse and capable individuals in the nursing profession.