Advocacy Issues in Nursing & Healthcare Leadership

The nursing profession is constantly evolving, and nurses themselves are often at the epicenter of that change. Today’s nurse practitioners (NPs), advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), and other nurses are working together to advocate for progressive policies, negotiate changes to existing regulations, and advance the nursing profession as a whole. 

From the fight for full practice authority, to the establishment of nurse-to-patient ratios, to addressing the social determinants of health, these collective efforts help create a safer, more effective, and more inclusive healthcare system. In our advocacy section, we interview nursing leaders about the issues that matter most, and explain how you can get involved as a new, aspiring, or veteran nurse, too.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon June 15, 2023 Professional Advocacy

NP Advocates to Know: Dr. Jessica Peck on Human Trafficking

For many NPs, advocacy concerns a particular issue close to their heart, one connected to underserved patients who deserve additional support. For Dr. Jessica Peck, the issue is the fight against human trafficking.

By Kimmy Gustafson Calendar Icon June 2, 2023 Patient Advocacy

Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Disparities in American Healthcare

The healthcare industry increasingly recognizes the need for diversity, inclusion, and health equity. Physicians face a unique challenge when addressing health disparities among diverse patient populations. To better understand how to create an inclusive environment in healthcare settings, examining the current state of diversity, inclusion, and health disparities is necessary.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon May 8, 2023 Professional Advocacy

NP Advocates to Know: Dr. Michael Zychowicz on Veterans’ Care

There are over 19 million veterans in the United States. Their health needs are largely met by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which houses the largest integrated healthcare system in the country. Today’s nurses and nurse practitioners (NPs) are important in caring for our nation’s veterans. But more can be done to serve those who have served.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon April 19, 2023 Professional Advocacy

Complementary and Integrative Health (CIH) – What Nurses Should Know

More than 30 percent of adults and 12 percent of children use alternative or complementary treatments. Such treatments generally fall into three categories: nutritional, psychological, or physical interventions.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon March 28, 2023 Patient Advocacy

Are Medication Shortages Widespread? How Nurses Handle This Issue

A medication shortage is when the projected demand for a certain drug exceeds its supply. Local shortages are common, taking place at a single pharmacy or hospital, and can be resolved relatively easily. National shortages are comparatively rarer, but they do exist, and they can take much longer to resolve.

By Kimmy Gustafson Calendar Icon February 16, 2023 Policy Advocacy

Reproductive Rights and Women’s Health – What Nurses Should Know

In June 2022, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that shook the nation and took away women’s right to privacy in reproductive decisions. The Dobs v. Jackson verdict overturned the long-standing Roe v Wade decision that granted this autonomy to women across the country.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon February 13, 2023 Professional Advocacy

Patient Abuse of Nurses & APRNs

Abuse of nurses and ARPNs is a real, relevant, and widespread problem. The abuse can range from acts of minor bullying and incivility all the way to assault and physical violence.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon February 6, 2023 Professional Advocacy

Wage Discrepancies Between Staff Nurses & Travel Nurses

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted several problems in how health systems staff their facilities, with one of the starkest consequences being the wage discrepancy between core nursing staff and travel nurses.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon December 30, 2022 Policy Advocacy

Nurse-to-Patient Ratios – What to Know From the Experts

Today’s nurse staffing levels are being stretched by an aging Baby Boomer generation, an increase in average patient complexity, and a retiring segment of the nursing workforce. To make matters worse, many healthcare facilities are tempted to cut costs by keeping their nursing staff lean.

By Matt Zbrog Calendar Icon October 31, 2022 Professional Advocacy

National Nurse Practitioner Week 2022: Interview & Advocacy Guide

The nurse practitioner (NP) role has grown significantly since the first NP program debuted in 1965. From humble beginnings, the profession has come to include more than 355,000 licensed NPs, to whom Americans make over a billion visits every year. Today’s NPs are more educated, capable, and organized than ever, and they’ve become a crucial component of the American healthcare system.