Nurse Practitioner (NP) & APRN Gift Ideas in 2022

If you’ve picked up a newspaper or online publication in the last two years, there is a very high likelihood that you will have encountered the term “frontline worker.” Nurse practitioners are the apotheosis of this categorization. These hard-working individuals labor under high pressure and often in very stressful environments to deliver the best possible health outcomes for the people in their care. 

If you have a nurse practitioner on your gift list this year, you may well be wondering what to get these energetic and busy individuals. To aid and assist in the hunt for a perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season, we have put together some of the best gift ideas for nurse practitioners. While some of them are geared at improving the workday of the NP, the rest are intended to help them have the most restful and relaxing time away from the clinic, hospital, or medical practice that they can.

Workplace Improvement Gifts for Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners often spend an unusually high amount of time at work, so any improvement on this front will be immediately noticeable. A work-related gift can also be ideal for someone starting their nursing career. 

Here are a few perennial favorites that can help bring joy to a longtime nurse and a brand new practitioner just beginning their training. 


While their aesthetics have been hotly debated over the years, these rubber composite shoes have won a hard-fought place in the hearts of many NPs, MDs, and other healthcare professionals worldwide. Comfortable, robust, and easy to keep clean, Crocs come in a rainbow of colors and variations for every taste and foot shape. The classic white pair will match any pair of classic scrubs, and work well for work environments in which a uniform is worn. 

For workplaces with relaxed dress codes, you can also consider the addition of a few medical-themed Jibbitz, to adorn the shoe. They fit perfectly into the holes on Crocs and can be customized to all kinds of tastes and activities, including work in the medical field.

Upgraded Badge Reel

Depending on the work environment of the nurse practitioner, a badge reel may be a perfect upgrade. Some NPs report using their badges several hundred times a day—a task that becomes incredibly tedious if the badge reel is hard to pull or not functioning properly. Consider Boojeebeads as a nice little upgrade that will go noticed.

Merino Socks

Hikers, travelers, and athletes the world over have already discovered the wonders of merino wool, a natural fiber that comes from a sheep variety of the same name. Merino wool has the benefit of being naturally antibacterial, which makes items very resistant to odors. Additionally, merino wool causes much less chafing than synthetic fibers or cotton.

Since most nurse practitioners spend a lot of time on their feet and much of that moving, a good pair of merino socks may significantly improve their workday. An added benefit of wool is that it can give warmth even when wet, making this a great choice for anyone working in wet or humid environments. 

Smartwool is a popular choice with endless options for colors and styles, while Darn Tough is particularly known for its lifetime warranty. 

Premium Scrubs

Nurse practitioners working a full schedule will often spend more time in their scrubs than they will in their street clothes, so why not make sure they have the best they can get? 

Companies like Jaanuu produce high-quality scrubs made from non-itchy, pleasant-to-wear fibers, and offer a better selection of sizes and cuts than the run-of-the-mill suppliers that many hospitals and medical practices buy theirs from. Where it fits with the workplace culture, you can also choose louder and more exciting patterns than the same old shades of green, blue, and red. 

Hand Lotion

Nurse practitioners wash and disinfect their hands dozens of times daily to maintain a sanitary workplace and prevent infections to themselves and patients. The downside for NPs is that the harsh chemicals found in disinfecting solutions and other cleaning agents they encounter take a toll on their skin. Dry, flaky skin, especially on the hands, is a common side-effect of this line of work. 

A high-quality hand creme like those made by EltaMD or Keihl’s is a great gift that can be used quickly even on a short break. Consider adding a travel-sized container to your gift to allow the NP you’re gifting to keep another bottle in their car, locker, or on their person. 

Downtime Improvement Gifts for Nurse Practitioners

Just as important as a comfortable workday, if not more, is a cozy and relaxing experience at home once it is over. As a high-intensity job where downtime is often limited and in short supply, getting the most out of the precious time off is imperative for nurse practitioners. Here are a few gift ideas to help them relax as quickly as possible. 

Massage Chair

An oldie but a goodie, the massage chair has brought enjoyment to hard workers from a myriad of professions. From truck drivers to hairdressers, people who spend a lot of time in motion or holding their body in awkward positions can benefit from a massage. While you may be thinking of the big, bulky chairs of the past, this category has seen some major technological innovations over the course of the last decade or so. 

Osaki offers particularly popular, and much less clunky versions than its predecessors. A good option for nurse practitioners with limited space or working as travel nurses is a massage mat. These massagers can be laid across a chair, laid flat on the ground, or even used on top of a car seat. 

Power Bank

A power bank is vital for all professions with rapidly shifting schedules. NPs, whose shifts can suddenly turn into doubles at the drop of a dime, need as much battery life on their phones as they can manage. A solid power bank can easily mitigate this issue, and be kept in a car, locker, or backpack without any issues. 

Power banks increase in size with increased battery capacity, so consider that when choosing one for the person you are gifting. The Anker 337 holds an astounding 26,800 mAh, while the is the Power Core is an affordable and more compact alternative with a lower capacity. 

iPad Mini

The newest member of the iPad line, this edition is a great idea for nurse practitioners on the go. Have a travel nurse in your life that has limited space but needs more entertainment options? This smaller-sized iPad is a great step up from the small screen size of the average cell phone but doesn’t need as much power, space, or storage room as a laptop. The high screen resolution will make any series or movie pop, and the battery life allows for the highly mobile lifestyle of many nurse practitioners. 

Consider pairing this gift with a subscription to Netflix, HBO Max, or another streaming service, and give the perfect mobile entertainment solution in the process. 

Gift Certificate

While it’s certainly not the most original or personal gift idea, a gift certificate can be a great solution for someone who has everything. 

Consider whether the individual would prefer to support a local, small business, or if they don’t mind big-box retailers.

Amazon’s selection of products is nearly endless and may offer the exact item that the nurse practitioner on your gift list is still missing. From clothing to electronics to food, if they don’t have it, the company with the smiley logo will be able to procure it for them. An Amazon gift certificate is a great solution for travel nurses as well, since the online retailer ships nearly anywhere and can also send a package to one of its pick-up boxes around the country.

Johannes Stitz

Johannes Stitz


Johannes Stitz is a freelance writer and researcher based in the Southwest. He’s written about various topics in medical technology careers. Before turning to freelance writing, he spent nearly a decade in the arts as a booker and event manager.